TOIEC Trial Test

This video is all about TOEIC PRACTICE TEST. She is doing her first ever TOEIC test.

Global English Academy enhances and gives support to students who really want to get high TOEIC SCORE. We help students sharpen their skills and allow themselves to know ideas on how to get best result. We provide exercises to improve the Macro skills of learning. We also target some tests like EIKEN, TOEIC and TOEFL.


### W University is one of the best universities in Japan. But mind this smart , brainy , friendly, loquacious student who is so nice to talk with. She is going to this prestigious school. Really amazing, isn’t she? WOW!!!!
She is a 3rd-year high school student who wants to get high TOEIC Score. She is now having a TOEIC practice. On January 2017, she’s going to prove us how brilliant she is. She seems to be determined and focused. With our help, we hope she’ll make it.

We will be updating the result after her test….. See you…